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“ . . . Her body began to tremble, slow at first, then it quaked with violence. Her tremoring hand came up to her mouth, which was wide open and still searching for a good breath of air. Evelyn turned her head to the left and to the right, looking for something, anything to help her, something to explain what her eyes were revealing to her.

She spun around, facing the wall the door was on, the door that Rev. Peters would have looked at if he were sitting behind his desk, and saw the message. Spelled out in blood was the sentence, ‘Your sins will find you out.’ . . . ” — From How Great Is The Darkness

Pastor Butch Gregory is a quiet man who only wants to serve the Lord and the small congregation he loves. His dream of peaceful ministry is shattered by a murderous conspiracy. One by one, pastors in his small Western Washington town fall victims to murder. What is going on? Why?

Things get worse when it is apparent the murderers have targeted Pastor Butch for death.

Pastor Butch, his colleague Terence Harrison, and an old familiar face try to find the killers while they also fight to stay alive.